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martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

The Inter-American Comission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES for the Indigenous Community of San Juan Copala

Washington, DC, October 13th, 2010.


The Inter-American Comission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES for the Indigenous Community of SAN JUAN COPALA, located in the State of Oaxaca, MEXICO.

On October 7th, 2010, the IACHR granted precautionary measures for 135 members of the community, which were brutally displaced by Paramilitary groups. The Comission required the Mexican Government:

The petition was presented on September 22th, 2010, from different organizations in behalf of the Indigenous Community, asking for international help and support.

The problem started a few months ago, when members of San Juan Copala Community decided to be an independent Municipality because of the bad public managing and impunity of the PRI authorities. Since then, some Paramilitary Groups have left the community in a state of siege, without any potable water, food, medicines, etc. They also kick the teachers out of the community, threaned some of them and killed two triquis journalists from an independent radio station.

The paramilitary groups, identified as UBISORT and MULT, started attacking with guns any member of the town, injuring many people, sexually assaulted some of the women and assesinated more than 30 people, before this document was issue.

The paramilitary groups also attacked an international humanitarian caravan on September 22th, 2010 and killed a mexican activist and an international observer from Finland and wounded some other journalists.

This Conference is in support of the local organizations, which had have a Press Conference in Mexico, last Monday. Together we demand the Mexican Government be in contact with the beneficiaries and their representatives to implement as soon as possible the necessary measures, to, at least:

1) The Mexican State interving immediately to stop the attacks on the community and reestablish conditions of peace, to allow the victims to return to their homes.

2) To adopt the measures to guarantee access to water, medicines, food and shelter to all of the community´s members.

3) To investigate, capture and prosecute the material and intellectual perpetrators of the crimes.

4) To give medical attention to the women and children currently wounded.

5) To give security measures to the journalists who reported on or are involved in this situation.

Contact Information : Priscila Rodríguez-Bribiesca phone 202 546 7508,202 546 7508 , cel 4896282

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